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The Dell is a beautiful, creative and versatile space to host a retreat or event of any kind. Right in the heart of the Cairngorms and on the edge of the Abernethy Forest the Dell is a peaceful place with great access to real wilderness.
Accommodation is versatile, owner Polly can provide creative and nourishing soul-food and our studio space is set within the forest in our Scandinavian Tipi.
We make sure your guests have the environment that allows them to relax and gain the most from the retreat. The kettle is always on, the fire stoked, candles lit and a warm welcome to the Dell.

Winter 2022

Soundscape meditation walk

20 Jan - 28 Feb



Music has been our true tonic over the last little while and we have built a stack of our 'Woodland Wireless' playlists on Spotify to form a connection with the woods, even when you're not able to visit.
Soundscape draws from this library, carefully selecting tracks that stir us and resonate with the landscape surrounding us to take us on a meditative musical journey into the deeper, more hidden trails surrounding the Dell.
Each walk takes around an hour and will be punctuated with birdsong interludes and hot cups.
Only requirements are Premium Spotify account, good headphones and some sturdy footwear.
This is available all year round.

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Spring 2022

Fearless Space Retreat

24 - 28 Mar

From £850

We are over the moon to be welcoming Carrie Wilde of Fearless Space. She is set for a weekend of damn good feels, playfully investigating the power and adaptability of your body through yoga, meditation, healthy food, time outdoors and relaxation.
Expect evening somatic practices to clear out mental baggage and improve evening habits for more restful sleep. Our mornings give a more dynamic practice offering your body strength as well as space.
1:1 yoga session or Swedish massage included.

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Summer 2022

Womban Immersion

11 - 15 Jul

from £780

In this fantastic five day course, Rebecca Wilson offers you an incredible opportunity to reconnect with your Heart and Womb and to awaken your womb and feminine energy. You will immerse yourself in a multifaceted experience of yoga practices, different forms of movement, connection, song and mantra, breath work and more, all guided with a slow, gentle and tender loving energy. Accommodation and local organic, vegan and gluten free meals are included.

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Autumn 2022

Wilderness Fit Retreat

9 - 12 Sep


A unique collaboration bringing together Wilderness Fit movement sessions all using the natural landscape. These sessions hopefully give you a little inspiration in the outdoors that you can bring into your daily life, run by Yaz Basan (Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer). Also included are varying forms of yoga, Kombucha brewing, cycling, cold water swimming and trail running and an optional extra Reiki session. The aim of this weekend is to give other women a boost of energy and have a good time together in the outdoors. There will be plenty of time for relaxation too. All activities are optional and all fitness levels are welcome

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Relax, Restore and Renew

11 - 14 Nov

From £699

This retreat will enable you to relax, unwind, take a breath outside of your everyday life. Surrounded by the wonderful natural environment we will encourage you to focus on yourself, think about what you really want from your life and gain some fresh focus, a new perspective. Our professional coaches will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and reconnection to self. The course gifts you with tools and techniques to rediscover and experience the very best version of yourself. The retreat includes life coaching workshops, forest walks, meditation and breathwork, yoga and mindfulness practices, exactly what you need to Relax, Restore and Renew.

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