Renovating and upgrading for a comfortable and sustainable future

Over the past four years the Dell has undergone constant renovation and upgrading. Focussing on key comforts such as a new heating system and comfy beds, good showers and creative, fresh interiors.

Outdoors, strong infrastructure has been added to create great spaces for weddings and events, popping up with ease on the back lawn or in the Faery wood for both small and larger scale production.

For the past couple of years there has been a steady stream of ‘Workawayers’ come through The Dell; generally foreign students in search of an energy exchange, a dipped toe into another culture and a connection with a local family.  There have been some wonderful and incredibly helpful characters so far and this will likely be a constant for the future.

Looking forward Ross and Polly will firstly be focussing a little time on their own home, crafting a private place for their young and increasingly mobile family.

From then it will be generally looking after this dear old place and its legacy, making sure its guests have the most comfortable and fulfilling time here and enjoying a little of the peace for themselves.

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