The Community spirit

In the last few years The Dell has had the pleasure of hosting an interesting mix of great fun events. From corporate celebration in Tipis on the back lawn, transporting a feast to a remote hillside bothy to wild yet refined dining under Yurt canvas in the woods.

The Faery Woods also played host to a colourful, safari themed musical stop-off as part of the Insider festival. A far more gentle meeting of minds also took place with Scottish Natural Heritage bringing together a passionate group of wild food experts to cook over our woodland fire pit.

With plans to host more music events and pop up food forays this year, we find ourselves excited about the potential for introducing an incredible mix of energies here at The Dell.

Make your event one to remember

Event services we can supply:

  • Production and hosting
  • Bespoke event programming
  • Conference and presentation equipment
  • Tipis, Traditional Marquees and Yurts
  • Creative catering
  • Workshops
  • Wilderness guides and activities
  • Transportation
  • Unique off-site venues
  • Music & entertainment

A conference with a difference

This is the second year we've come to The Dell to hold our annual conference and this year surpassed the last. A big achievement.


Conference 2015

Part work, part play, The Dell has been able to cater for our every need. Highlights have included presentations in a stunningly isolated bothy, wild organic food from the back of a Land Rover and dancing in a yurt. We always come back feeling energised and cannot wait for our trip next year.

When we decided to hold an annual Funference for our team, we looked long and hard to find the right venue and hosts. From the moment we arrived to meet Ross and Polly we knew that The Dell was home. Beautiful, warm, honest and real, with a relaxed attitude that anything we wanted could be made possible. Every year, it’s an escape we all can’t wait to take.

Keith Forbes

Good founder and partner


For up to 30 guests